How Does Motus Stroke Rehabilitation Technology Work?

Our self-guided and easy to use technology makes stroke recovery at home fun, interactive and engaging

Motus hand mentor stroke rehabilitation technology

Hand Mentor Home

Motus hand and foot mentor stroke rehabilitation technology

Hand and Foot Mentor Home

Motus foot mentor stroke rehabilitation technology

Foot Mentor Home

Motus Nova specializes in stroke rehabilitation technology that can be used from the comfort of your home. Currently, we have two available devices: the hand mentor and the foot mentor. Each device comes with a digital therapist and a cord that connects the device to the monitor.



The monitor that connects to the device displays games that provide the user with an interactive way to do their therapy.
Our stroke rehabilitation technology also provides personalized therapy that is unique to each individual depending on the extent of their rehabilitation.
Stroke Rehabilitation Technology


The device is connected to a pneumatic actuator — an air pump — that assists the user when necessary.
Our stroke rehabilitation technology tracks movement activity during therapy and provides assistance when the user is struggling to finish a complete movement.
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Track Your Recovery!

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Reports include: weekly active time summary, total active time, time by game, range of motions, and repetitions from the previous session.

The digital therapist uses the activity and progress it monitors to form individualized graphs and reports for users to keep track of their recovery.


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Are you getting enough therapy to regain function?
Regaining function requires 400-600 repetitions daily.

Nudo, et al. 1996

Average dose completed in traditional outpatient therapy is

53 Repetitions.

Lang, et al. 2009

Motus users average dose per therapy session was

159 Repetitions.

Housley, et al. 2016 *

Compared to average insured outpatient rehab, cost is

same price for 3x.

the effective dose.
The only FDA Class 1 at-home
stroke rehab device with

active assistance

in the world.
*Repetition is activity dependent and is defined as either
two or three sign changes of velocity in movement.
Limited therapy hours is a primary reason stroke recovery takes a long time.
Let’s get to recovery faster by boosting your hours of rehab!

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