Strengthening: Improve Foot Drop

The Motus Foot helps survivors of neurologic injury improve the strength of their foot and ankle, a critical component of your functioning that prevents foot drop. Users of the Motus Foot report that they need to use their Ankle-Foot Orthosis (AFO) less and in some cases can graduate to independent function.

Coordination: Improve Balance and Prevent Falls

Your foot and ankle provide an important element of your overall stability. The sensorimotor exercises delivered by the Motus Foot help you improve your coordination so you can improve your balance and prevent falls.

Walking: Improve Gait Endurance and Speed

The Motus Foot helps stroke survivors walk longer and faster. Gait speed is an important metric of safety as walking faster indicates that an individual can more safely negotiate the community and respond to challenges in the environment, like uneven surfaces or when they experience a perturbation.


Designed for use at home

Active Assistance

A Pneumatic Pump designed to assist even those with limited or no range of motion


Reinforcing brain signals when making correct movements


Making therapy more engaging with challenging and fun games

Artificial Intelligence

A digital therapist built on an algorithm designed to adapt to your rehab needs


Track changes to your strength and range of motion in real time

24/7 Customer Support

Our specialists are here to help whenever you need it


What You’ll Receive:

Touchscreen with Digital Therapist

Power Cord

Motus Foot