The Motus Hand

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The Motus Hand is a FDA Class 1 device designed to help stroke survivors recover at home. It moves the user like a skilled physical therapist and is clinically proven to provide equivalent outcomes to traditional modes of rehabilitation while being more convenient, affordable, and accessible.

$39 Flat Rate Shipping (Excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico)

The Motus Hand comes with a 10 Day Money Back Guarantee period. You will receive a refund if you return the device within the first 10 days of receiving your shipment.

Every shipment comes with The Motus Hand, Touch Screen & Digital Therapist, and Power Cord.

Motus Nova
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Felix Joseph
Felix Joseph
00:39 16 Jul 21
The team at Motus Nova is the most hard-working and patient-oriented team out there! Their dedication to stroke rehabilitation and personalized care for patients is absolutely what sets them apart in this device space. The meticulous attention to detail in the design, user experience, and clinical application of the Hand and Foot Mentor is very tangible in the final product. Another thing that is really unique about this team is that every week they do a Rehab Power Hour where you can ask any... and every question related to the Hand or Foot Mentor directly to the makers of the device! It truly is the best value for physical therapy for stroke! Highly highly recommend!!read more
Keshav Ravi
Keshav Ravi
00:31 15 Jul 21
The sky's the limit for the team at Motus Nova! They have made great strides in making stroke recovery and rehab at home accessible to those who need it. Their product is very intuitive and they provide great customer service to ensure their customers are able to reap the full benefits of their product. If you or a loved one has suffered a stroke, please consider reaching out to them!
Eric Gray
Eric Gray
18:25 07 Jul 21
This is revolutionary!! Stroke recovery technology has really come a long way. I am excited for everyone who is going to give this a try. It’s not a miracle machine - it’s something you gotta really put your time into. You don’t have to wait for a therapist to help you and give the same type of workouts in. Why watch TV all day when you can do rehab at home instead?
Ian D
Ian D
13:54 06 Jul 21
Innovative stroke rehab at home. Definitely worth the price. Easily the best value for physical therapy on the market. No one else lets you get rehab hours at a flat rate (awesome value). I cannot recommend the Motus Hand enough!!!
Greg Clark
Greg Clark
13:39 04 Jul 21
I'm impressed by the innovation in this company. It changes the game for stroke rehab by allowing people to do stroke recovery at home. Thankfully, the engineers at Motus Nova have developed technology that makes it the best value for physical therapy for stroke. I want to see more people with regained movement!
Arjun Khurana
Arjun Khurana
12:35 02 Jul 21
The time saved by not going to the physical therapy clinic alone makes the Motus Hand worth it. Having a stroke can negatively impact every aspect of your life, Motus makes a large part of getting better a lot more convenient. Stroke recovery is not easy but this helps a lot! On top of that they have excellent customer service!
Sergio Galindo
Sergio Galindo
01:46 25 Jun 21
Fantastic product! I’ve only had the hand mentor for about 2 weeks now and i can already see improvements. Just the other day I was about to feed myself ice cream from a cup using my hands. In addition to that, I noticed my affected arm is able to become much straighter than prior to my use with The Motus Hand. I couldn’t be happier. :)Beyond that, I’m very happy and astonished by how great the Motus Nova support team is!
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Designed for use at home

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A Pneumatic Pump designed to assist even those with limited or no range of motion


Reinforcing brain signals when making correct movements


Making therapy more engaging with challenging and fun games

Artificial Intelligence

A digital therapist built on an algorithm designed to adapt to your rehab needs


Track changes to your strength and range of motion in real time

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What You’ll Receive:

Touchscreen with Digital Therapist

Power Cord

Motus Hand