The Mentor Pro Rehabilitation System combines robotic active-assist devices with interactive, intelligent software for a safe and effective rehabilitation experience.

Encouraging patients through rehabilitation sessions can be a challenge.

By combining traditional therapies with enjoyable, interactive therapy with has been shown to help patients extend treatment time and regain skills needed for more independence.

Create customized exercise programs based on each patient’s needs.

With our intelligent, interactive software, clinicians can determine exactly what kinds of games and exercises will benefit individual patients based on their levels of ability.

Once an exercise regime has been established, the patient’s progress can be monitored and adjusted remotely – whether the devices are being used in a clinic or at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a clinician, your professional evaluation of each patient will determine your treatment recommendations. The devices are best suited to help manage soft tissue shortening, reduce flexor muscle tone, facilitate extension in the wrist and hand or ankle and foot, as well as support the development of neuromuscular balance. Generally, clinical trials indicate that stroke survivors should have some form of active movement and should be able to follow simple instruction. In addition, they should be able to read and see adequately, so they can actively participate and enjoy the benefits of the user interface.

Clinical trials have excluded stroke survivors without any active range of motion in the paretic upper limb, are unable to follow instructions or those who have severe contractions and/or pain that limits functional participation in active therapy.

Currently, a physician referral is not required. Please refer to your state’s practice act to provide the most up-to-date information on referral requirements for treatment.

The Mentor Pro devices provide a novel way to increase intensive, task-specific therapy integral in recovering upper or lower limb function. The devices can be used to augment traditional therapeutic exercise or neuromuscular re-education and can be seamlessly integrated into daily rehabilitation activities for your stroke survivors. In addition, by offering therapy that is interactive and enjoyable, the devices can draw new patients to your clinic and play a valuable role in marketing your services to referral sources.

The Mentor Pro System is easy to assemble and no previous experience with computers or technology is necessary. Training is provided to teach clinicians how to set up the game-based therapy sessions, assist patients in putting on and taking off the devices, and learn how to download and interpret reports generated after each therapy session.

The devices are designed to provide long-term use by adapting to your client’s needs as they improve and regain function. However, many factors may affect their length of use and may depend on whether the goal is to manage impairment or improve function. Your decision to include incorporating the Mentor Pro devices into your client’s rehabilitation program should be based on a thorough clinical evaluation and relevance to the individual goals of each patient.

They can be used as often as desired. Daily and weekly dosing parameters should fit into the overall rehabilitation program based on your clinical evaluation. Several studies investigating the devices have reported success from using the devices for as little as 30 minutes per day up to 2-3 hours per day.

Clinical studies investigating the devices frequently use the FMA, WMFT and the ARAT to assess upper limb functioning. Lower extremity functioning is frequently assessed with 10MWT and 6MWT. A variety of additional measures have been utilized to assess QOL improvements including SIS and CES-D.

Throughout extensive clinical assessment, no serious adverse events have occurred while using the Mentor Pro devices.

The controller used with both the Hand Mentor and the Foot Mentor is equipped with a large red emergency button on the front that immediately stops the pneumatic pump functionality.

While the Mentor Pro system was originally designed to help stroke survivors, it is being investigated to help those with any condition resulting in muscle weakness or muscle tightness in the hand or foot. This could include those with TBI, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy or orthopedic conditions that result in muscular imbalance.

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