Motus Nova Invited To Present At One Of The Largest Physical Therapy Conferences In The World

Motus Nova was invited to present their at-home stroke robotic device at CSM – The 2020 Combined Sections Meeting for the American Physical Therapy Association.

News Provided By Motus Nova 22nd Apr, 20

Clinical studies have shown that larger amounts of therapy result in better outcomes for people beyond 2–3 months after stroke. However, many stroke survivors are not able to get the adequate number of therapy hours needed to recover movement after their injury. Motus Nova is looking to solve this problem and help speed up recovery for stroke survivors with their at-home stroke rehab robotic device – The Motus Home Hand and Foot Mentor. After getting FDA approval, Motus Nova was invited to APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) to provide a hands on demonstration of their device.

Clinical trials have proved the device works just as well as current traditional physical therapy offerings. The device is a functional exoskeleton designed to provide therapy for both the hand and the foot. When compared to other devices in the market, there are several attributes about the Home Mentor that make it more engaging for the user:

  • Interactive Games: Users play games on the device making therapy fun, interactive and challenging which increases motivation over long hours
  • Active Assistance: The Hand and Foot Mentor devices are connected to a pneumatic actuator that assists or resists the user when necessary to increase strength and retrain the brain.
  • AI Technology: The improved AI system monitors activity and progress and adjusts the level of difficulty during games. It then creates personalized graphs so users can track their recovery with personalized statistics.
CEO David Wu stated during the conference, “The key differentiator of the product is its ability to provide stroke survivors with additional hours of therapy they cannot receive from other providers. The ability to use the product at home means users do not need to commute to a facility or worry about appointments. They can use it at any time that works best for them and there is no limit on the hours of use.”

Motus Nova says that giving users access to more hours of stroke therapy is helping speed up recovery. Dr. Nick Housley, PT, DPT, PhD, Director of Clinical Research at Motus Nova, mentioned, “Larger amounts of movement practice is likely necessary to achieve optimal functional outcomes for people living with the movement impairments secondary to stroke. However, limited access to traditional clinic based rehabilitation diminishes the possibility of achieving maximal medical improvements and can help explain why full recovery may be protracted or never attained. On average, Motus Home Hand and Foot Mentor users achieve higher doses of active movement practice as compared to clinical settings and often report accelerated rate of recovery.”

About Motus Nova® LLC

Motus Nova, which is Latin for “Movement Anew”, was established in 2013 with the aim of making healthcare robotics more accessible for people. Today our devices are used in over 200 clinics and hospitals around the United States. We seek to close the gap in treatment access by placing our robotic devices powered by advanced AI directly in the home for superior clinic-quality telemedicine. The Motus Home Hand Mentor and Foot Mentor are always available on demand, allowing our users to take charge of their own recovery at up to five times faster and a fraction of the cost of conventional stroke therapy.

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