Motus in the Media

Time Magazine 4th March, 22
How Virtual Reality Is Expanding Health Care
21st Sep, 21
Atlanta Company Turns To Technology To Accelerate Recovery From Brain Injuries
Medium 5th Sep, 21
Health Tech: David Wu On How Motus Nova’s Technology Can Make An Important Impact On Our Overall Wellness
Shoutout Atlanta 5th Aug, 21
Meet Nick Housley, PhD, DPT, PT | Neuroscientist, Physical Therapist, Cyclist, And Brain Injury Survivor
Medium 4th Aug, 21
Dr. Nick Housley of Motus Nova: In Light Of The Pandemic, Here Are The 5 Things We Need To Do To Improve The US Healthcare System
CBS 12
26th Jul, 20
Robots Help Patients Safely Do Physical Therapy During Pandemic
15th Jul, 20
Robotic Arm Helps St. Pete Stroke Patient Recover At Home During Pandemic
17th Jun, 20
Stroke Patients Turn To Robots To Recover At Home During Pandemic
Atlanta Tech News 7th May, 20
Outpatient Rehabilitation Via Telehealth With Motus Home Robots Provides A Way Forward For Millions
Biz Journals / ATLANTA INNO 25th Apr, 20
CRISIS INNOVATORS: Five Atlanta startups on pivots and crisis management.
MDDI 1st Jun, 19
AI-Based Stroke Rehab System Shown To Be As Effective As One-On-One Therapy
hypepotamus 15th May, 19
How Stroke Patients Can Regain Mobility By Playing Tetris With A Robotic Arm
RehabPub 7th May, 19
Robotic Rehab Aims For The Home Market In Q3

TAG 31st Jan, 19
Tag Unveils The Top 10 Innovative Technology Companies In Georgia
TECHBiLDERS 9th Apr, 18
David Wu, Motus Nova
Fitness Gaming 13th Mar, 17
Hand Mentor Uses Game-Based Therapy To Restore Hand Function In Stroke Survivors
Washington Post
6th Sep, 05
A Hand For A Hand
David Wu 11BBA
35 Most Innovative Georgia Based Predictive Analytics Companies