User Stories

See the progress Motus users are making towards their recovery goals!


Injury: Stroke
Year: 2021
Motus Start Date: October 2021

Zoe is a Neuro physical therapist. In September 2021 she had a brain surgery to remove a tumor, which caused a brain injury. This injury caused major mobility issues including a loss of function in her right arm. In October she added the Motus Hand to her rehab routine. With hard work, dedication and at least an hour a day of rehab, within a month she was able to improve her strength, function and range of motion!


Injury: Stroke
Year: 2006
Motus Start Date: January 2021

Heather was 15 years post stroke when she started using the Motus Hand. She had little to no movement in her hand due to her injury. After receiving the Motus Hand she started treating her rehab like a full time job and put in several hours every day. She quickly became a super user and made it to the leaderboard of several games. As a result of her hard work and dedication to her rehab she went from no movement to being able to do functional tasks such as opening the fridge, twisting a bottle cap and spreading jelly on her toast!

Dr. Dan

Injury: Stroke
Year: 2015
Motus Start Date: July 2018

Dr. Dan Schlatterer is an Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon and Stroke Survivor. He was leading a healthy lifestyle, running six and a half minute miles, but unfortunately had a stroke when he was 48. After his stroke he lost most of his movement on his left side. He tried various rehab treatments but realized he needed to get in more hours of rehab at home. So he decided to try the Motus Hand. The easy to use interface and challenging therapy games kept him engaged in his rehab routine. Soon he started to regain function and strength in his hand. He says he has recovered about 80% of his movement and is able to drive and swing a golf club!


Injury: Stroke
Year: 2019
Motus Start Date: August 2021

Flor had a stroke in 2019. Following her stroke she lost almost all movement in her left hand. Even after traditional therapy she was unable to bring back movement in her hand and wrist. She started using the Motus Hand two years after her stroke and started seeing progress within the first 30 days.


Injury: Stroke following surgery for AVM
Year: 2017
Motus Start Date: July 2020

Maddi graduated from Georgetown University in May of 2017. A few days later she suffered a stroke prior to a planned surgery to treat an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). Following her stroke she lost movement on her left side of her body, especially her hand and wrist. She started using the Motus Hand in 2019 and quickly became a super user. Soon she started to see improvements in her ability to perform certain functional tasks like pick up a glass of water. Maddi is extremely active in the stroke community online and has even written two books after her injury!