8 Years Post Stroke, Strengthening The Ankle And Foot For Walking

With Dr. Nick Housley 17th Nov, 21


Motus Foot provides you with active assistance for functional improvement in stroke recovery. You can improve your walking speed and endurance. Also, it will help you improve your range of motion and strength in your foot and ankle so that you can walk even eight years after the stroke.

What Is The Motus Foot?

Motus Foot is a robotic system; specifically intended to help with foot and ankle function to improve walking after stroke. The Motus foot is developed to provide assistance in dorsiflexion motion which is the motion that brings your toe to the sky.

Further, Motus Foot has a pneumatic actuator that is a muscle that can contract and relax and can help you perform some tasks. It assists you to walk through stroke rehabilitation with repetitive task practice.

How Does Motus Foot Assist You In Stroke Recovery?

Motus Foot is a robotic system that has sensors onboard to assist you and make your practice more fun. After eight years of stroke rehab, you are probably an expert in what you need to do to achieve improvements. Therefore, you need to identify tasks and interventions that get you moving and challenge you.

Additionally, Motus Foot can walk you through the stroke rehabilitation process and provide a variable amount of assistance for you in the range of motion for walking after stroke. It actually takes the movement of your kinematics and kinetics and your muscle forces. Then, translate those into fun virtual environments, where effectively you are playing kind of arcade games. You can call them video games that can be therapeutic exercises.

Can Motus Foot Help You In Multiple Domains?

It is a kind of nuts and bolts, but the system of the Motus Foot can operate in multiple domains. It can help someone in an early stage of stroke recovery, especially if they have trouble initiating or completing a range of motion activities.

However, you can literally shift the function of the muscle assistance to operate in a resistance mode. And this is where you get the ability to help prevent droplets; because you need to be able to move your foot into dorsiflexion. Using this robotic device, you can also practice push-off, which is very important for forwarding propulsion and walking.

Moreover, many people think that your quads, thighs muscles, and glutes do walking; and they actually do. They help you stay upright, but one of the most fundamental elements to walking forward is coming from your muscles and ankles called tricep surae. These muscles provide almost all of the forward propulsion, and the thighs are very important for waking speed.

Further, Motus Foot works on all these elements and can operate in different modes. According to your condition, it will adjust its operation, making it an advanced system.


On a whole, the Motus foot is designed to help you with functional improvements. You can do repetitive task practice on Motus Foot to improve foot function and build strength.

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