Seeing Rehab Gains Over 10 Years Post-Stroke

With Dr. Nick Housley 20th Jan, 21


Felicia Detroit survived a stroke 12 years ago. She is gradually recovering from the impairment. She wanted to know if The Motus Hand will be helpful for her, considering she had stroke a long time back.

Most people think that you cannot improve after 6 months or a year of stroke. However, clinical studies have shown this is not always the case. According to scientific literature, with lifestyle changes, proper tools, and medical interventions you can improve even after 10 years of stroke.

Dr. Nick Housely says, while doing a study on people with long-term significant impairments, he has seen people make meaningful improvements in their upper-extremity function. Surprisingly, most of their strokes were in the five to ten-year mark.

The amount of improvement varies from person to person. Many factors are involved in the recovery process. So you cannot exactly predict the kind of improvement you can expect. But you can surely do the things that help you recover quicker. In this case, two things are important.

  • The amount of rehab you are doing.
  • Whether you’re actively engaged in that rehab or not.
The Motus Hand being designed to help individuals who have chronic impairments addresses these issues and accelerates your recovery. After using the Motus Hand, the patients were able to do some functional tasks better such as picking up a cup, folding a towel, etc. So yes, you can improve even after 10-12 years of stroke.

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