Challenges As A Young Mother Post-Stroke

With Dr. Nick Housley 29th Jul, 21

Flexors and Extensors

Many people conduct their studies about the optimum time to begin the rehabilitation process, but we always believe that the greatest moment to begin is right now. However, we can’t undo what we’ve already done; only consistent effort and proper approaches can help us make the future better. Even six months after a stroke, one can begin medical rehabilitation and achieve the best possible outcome.

Tendons connect muscles to bones, allowing them to contract and relax, allowing them to move.

To pull on the bone, a muscle has to shorten, which causes it to contract (stuff up). Relaxed muscles return to their original size.

A person’s muscles are only able to pull, not push. To move a joint, two muscles must work together. One muscle will draw a joint in one direction, while another muscle will pull it in the other direction. In a nutshell, our musculoskeletal system works together to support, shape, and move our bodies. Stroke affects brain cells and the regions under their control, therefore the entire nervous system is impacted.

For many people who have suffered from a stroke, flexion of the upper extremity is still feasible, however, extending the muscles is challenging at first. Without treatment or the Motus Hand, it is extremely impossible to accomplish this goal. Because rerouting everything in the brain will take time, patience and consistency are required to get the system back to normal.

In terms of research and design, the Motus Hand is a top-notch device. The wrist and fingers are the hardest and most impacted portions to extend, and the straps and design are specifically tailored to assist us to achieve maximum extension in these areas. In addition, there is a system in place to support the rehabilitation of the patient’s performance and angles. Before use, it is essential to read the operating handbook to ensure that everything is aligned properly and that we receive the greatest results.

For example, Motus Nova’s sophisticated technology displays us the precise angle of flexion and extension that it is giving at any given point in time. In contrast to extension, flexion is much easier, and the negative sign indicates that the muscle is flexed at the moment. It is possible that the assistance value can rise to 100 if it is helping to stretch our hands. If the process of rehab is done with consistency it can provide remarkable effects over time.

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