How To Incorporate The Motus Hand Into Your Rehab Routine

With Dr. Nick Housley 14th Nov, 21


Motus Hand is a relatively tractable and small robotic device for stroke survivors with an actuator in it that can actually contract and relax. Further, you can adjust its orientation according to the stature of your hand by moving the joint segment.

How Much Time Does It Take To Show Improvements?

Since there are so many factors affecting stroke rehabilitation, such as stroke intensity, health, time spent in rehab, etc., we cannot measure them all. Also, we do not know how all those factors interact. Therefore, it is impossible to tell exactly when you will see the improvements. There is no way to interpret that, but if someone claims otherwise, they would be lying to you. However, some predictive models can provide us with some semblance of a range of things, but there are still wide error bars.

How Much Time Did It Take For Stroke Survivors In The Clinical Trials?

The clinical trials were run for basically 90 – 100 days long. People observed clinically meaningful improvements or admitted that they reached the threshold of MCID (Minimally Clinically Important Differences) during that period; these are a threshold of improvements in daily life functions that we will be able to detect.

Moreover, the stroke survivors, who were in clinical trials, saw improvements in around three months. However, some people improved quicker than others. Therefore, the period for stroke rehabilitation is varied from person to person.

But you can expect to see some change in around three months of stroke rehabilitation in either range of motion, strength, or function. For instance, you could not pick up your coffee, but after using Motus Hand, you may be able to do this task. You can notice this difference, but you may not notice a four-degree change in your wrist of motion. Because this is a little change as compared to doing a full task or a large range of motion change

How Can We Speed Up The Rate Of Recovery?

You need to make sure that you are doing stroke rehab for a significant amount of time every day to speed up your stroke rehabilitation process. On the other hand, you will not see any improvement if you had Motus Hand for three months and used it only twice, or you just put it on for three months without engaging your muscle.

Furthermore, two fundamental prerequisites for achieving a successful outcome are engaging your muscles and intending to move the device to complete a task. You have to mentally and physically engage in activities during stroke rehab and physical therapy (i.e., for half a day and five days a week). Because it is not a passive therapy device that you just need to wear, and you will be able to move through the motions.


Motus Hand can help you with an increasing range of motion and reduce stiffness that will help in relieving your pain during stroke rehabilitation. Also, the process of putting it on is relatively simple. Furthermore, if you want to see actual improvements, you can add physical therapy along with the repetitive task practice on Motus Hand.

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