Julia And Dr. Housley Talk About How Motivation For Rehab Affects Long Term Outcomes

With Dr. Nick Housley 27th Jul, 21

How Motivation For Rehab Affects Long-Term Outcomes?

Motivation is super important and cannot be emphasized enough. The Motus Hand is a robotic system that can help you increase your range of motion, prevent contractures and improve tissue quality. But you will not see any positive changes unless you are motivated and are actively engaged in the process.

The Necessity Of Motivation In Stroke Rehab

The necessity of interventions to drive improvements in our brains is that someone is willing and able to be actively engaged for a long time to induce positive changes. For instance, the process by which we learn to move for the very time. You have probably seen young kids that have been in the process of learning to walk for the very first time. For example, they spend one year trying to stand up for the first time and taking a step; that is developmental but not very coordinated.

However, it takes a lot of time for dis-coordinated movements to generate that network, and it takes years after that to actually refine that network to eventually become us. And it does not happen passively, but kids actively engage throughout the process.

Moreover, your improvement depends on how you are doing the movements. For instance, if you are learning to lift a cup. Try to lift the cup, and when you fail, you will know it. You have to actively engage your hand that is trying to reach out to the cup of coffee. As a result, if you overreach, you will get feedback that you missed your coffee; you need to reconfigure those neurons that you recruited. So you will know that you may have to move a little in another direction. As you are actively engaged in activities, you will be able to recruit neurons, begin the learning process, and begin to re-establish those networks.

However, if you do not have the motivation, you can not engage in activities and long-term outcomes because it does take a long time. It may take months, years, potentially lifetimes to actually be on a positive trajectory towards more function. Also, you lose motivation because everyone around you and your doctor says that you are not making progress, but you will be motivated once you start hearing that you can make progress.

The Advantage Of Robotics With Motivation

The fact that you suddenly see active movements and contractions in your arm after spending a year without any active movement can be a huge motivator. So when it comes to finding those little improvements, robotics systems can be good because they can detect small movements and display them on the screens.

Further, these robotics systems help you engage in a much more rich environment than rehab or hospital, where you do repetitive tasks. In this case, you can do your repetitive tasks, but you are just playing games. These are some advantages that robotic systems have to help someone find their way onto a path of motivation and find their way onto a path of seeing progress.


To conclude, stroke rehab can take months and years, and you cannot be on a positive trajectory towards more function without motivation. Thus, robotics systems like Motus Hand may help motivate you by improving your movement.

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