How Do I Control My Recovery Post-Stroke And Amplify My Improvement?

With Dr. Nick Housley 27th Jul, 21


Stroke recovery is affected by many factors, such as the severity of the stroke, the patient’s health, the time spent in rehab, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to tell how these factors interact and affect your stroke recovery. However, Motus Hand can amplify your recovery process with a lot less effort than outpatient rehab.

Will Motus Hand Work For You?

We cannot say with certainty for any individual that Motus Hand is going to work. Unfortunately, that is not how science works. Because science only tells us how a general stroke survivor will respond to this device based on averages in their stroke recovery process. So with that, long-term stroke recovery outcomes vary from person to person.

Why Are You Not Seeing Any Improvement In Stroke Recovery?

There are a lot of great models that tell us the things that matter for progress, such as the ability to follow commands, rehab time, and when did you start stroke rehab after a stroke. However, the potential for improvement and the amount of improvement you can achieve never go back to zero. Moreover, there is a dependency on time (i.e., when did you start stroke rehab and for how much time you do stroke rehab).

For instance, if you devote one hour for six weeks post stroke, you may get 10x type of improvement. But if you rewind that to one hour for six years past stroke, you may not get 10x improvement. Instead, you may get 1x only. But even then, that does not mean your progress goes to zero, but the time and stroke do matter.

Further, you may be in the window where you are transitioning from subacute to chronic which is the best time to start rehab. The important thing is that generally, people who have more movement impairments have less sort of rate of improvement than someone who has a lot more movement.

How Can You Control Your Improvement Post-Stroke?

There are a couple of things you can do to improve your stroke recovery process. One of those is the dose (the amount of time you are doing the active movement) that is really significant for driving changes. Also, we do not know how all these factors interact and affect your progress.

However, you have to take steps you know going to work and control them, like taking part in rehab, doing stroke rehab enough to saturate your response to driving improvements, and taking care of yourself. And you try to maximize them. In contrast, you cannot control things like who you are as an individual or when you will have a stroke. You should not think about them.

How Can Motus Hand Help You To Amplify Your Improvement?

When you are not seeing any progress, robotics systems, such as Motus Hand, can serve as a workforce multiplier to get the amount of movement that you know is needed to saturate your response. You can take your maximum medical improvement and try to get there as quickly as possible. Also, when we talk about maximizing improvement, passive stretching is not enough. You have to involve active movements.


During stroke rehabilitation, more active movements are essential but challenging with standard outpatient rehab, whether oral therapy or physical therapy. However, Motus Hand, as a robotic system, can perform neural rehabilitation very efficiently to improve success rates.

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