Can The Motus Hand Help Decrease Tone As Arm Strength Increases?

With Dr. Nick Housley 29th Sep, 21


Can The Motus Hand Help Decrease Tone As Arm Strength Increases?

In the aftermath of a stroke, there may be a loss of muscle tone, reduced coordination, and weak arms. The patients suffer from paralysis, hypertonicity, or spasticity, and they cannot carry out their daily activities. There are, however, many ways to regain muscle strength and reduce muscle tone.

How Does Motus Hand Help You Increase The Extension Of The Arm In Stroke Rehabilitation?

When you increase your activities, and you only focus on both the flexion and extension, but what you can do is that you can change your behavior a little bit here. So, it is kind of a trade-off where you have to have some help to get you into extension.

Further, a robotic system such as Motus Hand provides you with the assistance and ability to get you to move into extension. It is beneficial, especially if you know that you have some movement there into extension, but it is much smaller than what you have in deflection.

How To Use Motus Hand To Increase The Flexion In The Arm In Stroke Rehabilitation?

When the challenge is that you get your way up into extension, you face more force against that task. And when you are asked to move into deflection, you effectively have to physically move down against that strong force.

Therefore, whenever you have this concern, you can just modify the way in which you are actually going down into flexion. You can basically present as if you are trying to not have as much force and deflection. As a result, the Motus Hand will detect that, and it will reduce the force quicker, so you will have to push against less resistance.

What Should You Do While Using Motus Hand To Increase Arm Strength?

While you are playing a game with a motor device such as Motus’ hand for enhancing extension and flexion in the arm, you get up and do an extension to complete the assigned task as soon as possible. Therefore, when you are facing challenges to move your arm, instead of really trying to force your way down, just let the Motus hand help you move into flexion.

Additionally, the general rule of thumb for using the Motus hand is that you need to change your way of using it. It is basically that when you apply less force, you get more help with extension and flexion. Thus, it is just a little bit of a swap in the way you will interact with things, and that will help you focus more on achieving arm strength and reducing arm tone. This robotic device will also help you properly disentangle your flexors and extensors.


To conclude, one can say that Motus Hand is a robotic device that effectively restores arm function during stroke rehabilitation. It assists you with moving your upper limb and performing different tasks. As a result, your arm strength will increase, and your tone in the arm will decrease.

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