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Is Telehealth Revolutionizing Post-Stroke Rehabilitation?

When someone survives a stroke, the repercussions extend beyond the need for immediate care – survivors are often left requiring countless hours of rehabilitation in order to successfully regain function. That means both stroke survivors and caregivers are stuck with the energy-draining responsibility of scheduling appointments, arranging travel to-and-from clinics, and spending hard-earned money simply […]



Obstacles to Stroke Recovery

Obstacles to Stroke Recovery    While stroke recovery with traditional physical or occupational therapy may seem straightforward, there are many barriers and obstacles that prevent people from completing their therapy in a successful manner to get them back to a “normal life.” One major obstacle is the frequency and time commitment required for traditional, in-clinic […]


Stroke Recovery

Recovery After Stroke   So, you’ve had a stroke. What happens next?   The initial treatment that occurs after a stroke is usually emergency care that monitors the patient’s health and identifies what type of stroke they experienced.   Rehabilitation efforts can begin as soon as 24 hours after the stroke, but there are many […]