David Wu | CEO
Serial entrepreneur in technology and algorithmic modeling, with six years of experience in clinical rehab research. Mr. Wu has published dozens of peer-reviewed publications in nanoparticles, solar cells, and robotics therapy, and holds two BBAs from Emory University in Chemistry (with a focus on Physical Chemistry) and Marketing.

Dr. Nick Housley Ph.D., DPT | Director of Clinical Research
Scientist and licensed Physical Therapist, with a robust background in clinical research, specific to the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Dr. Housley has published 12 peer-reviewed publications and two book chapters in the fields of neurorehabilitation, robotics, telerehabilitation, assistive technologies, and neuronal biomarkers of recovery from stroke. Dr. Housley holds the following designations: Ph.D. (c) in Applied Physiology from the Georgia Institute of Technology, DPT. Doctor of Physical Therapy from Georgia State University, and a BS in Exercise Sports Science from the University of Georgia.

Mike Panetta | Senior Hardware/Software Engineer
Over 20 years of experience with embedded software development, including low-level hardware design. Mr. Panetta’s passions and hobbies include STM32 based hardware and open source software design, as well as antique electrostatic CRTs and other esoteric hardware.

Steve Soto | COO
Mr. Soto launched his first software company in 1980 and is an industry veteran of EDS; Meridian Data (Adaptec); US Government, Hitachi, LTD; Procom Technology (Oracle via Sun); ApplianceWare, Inc.; and Fourth Quadrant Solutions, Inc.

Tina Gee | Director of Operations
Tina provides hands-on financial and administrative services to several Atlanta based start-ups. She spent 20 years growing to the top recruiter for Atlanta law firms and corporate legal departments. Tina uses her knack for organization, procedures, partner connections and attention to detail to assist startups with operations. Often taking an investment and/or board position, Tina focuses on assisting new and emerging entrepreneurs in all areas of business. Tina holds a BS in Education from SUNY College at Buffalo.

Stacy Kenworthy | Chairman
A veteran of more than 30 years in the finance and technology fields, Mr. Kenworthy has held senior-level management positions at various companies in the Finance, Risk Management, Investment Banking, and Technology fields. A frequent speaker at technology events worldwide, Mr. Kenworthy also participates in the CEO Leadership Institute, the Horasis Global Visions Community, and the National Committee on US-China Relations Young Leaders Forum.