Motus Nova Receives Emory University’s Annual Entrepreneur For Innovation Award

CEO David Wu recognized for demonstrating the highest caliber of innovation in technology

News Provided By Motus Nova 17th Apr, 20

Motus Nova was recognized by the Emory Entrepreneurship Network for leading innovation in technology with its robotic at-home stroke rehab devices.The devices serve as a functional exoskeleton designed for both the hand and the foot and are currently used in over 200 hospitals nationwide for a fraction of the cost of conventional physical rehabilitation.

Approved as an FDA Class I device for direct sales, Motus Nova has further evolved the device by developing the exoskeletons for home use. The ability to utilize the device at home gives users access to additional hours of therapy, which is not easily obtainable. Overall, improving the stroke rehabilitation and recovery process.

“At Motus Nova, we are making great strides towards eliminating barriers of access to healthcare rehabilitation with a low cost home-based robotic exoskeleton. We are grateful to the Emory Entrepreneur Network and The Emory Alumni Association for the recognition,” said David Wu, CEO of Motus Nova.

David graduated from The Goizueta Business School at Emory University in 2011 and is an active member of the alumni community. The Emory Entrepreneur Award program was created by alumni volunteers who are passionate about spotlighting the successful products and ventures driven by Emory alumni. Annually, the Emory Entrepreneur Network selects alumni across a range of industries who founded a business that has achieved significant growth in the form of discovery, profit, or influence. This year the ceremony was hosted at the Hatchery, Emory’s new innovation space.

About Motus Nova® LLC

Motus Nova, which is Latin for “Movement Anew”, was established in 2013 with the aim of making healthcare robotics more accessible for people. Today our devices are used in over 200 clinics and hospitals around the United States. We seek to close the gap in treatment access by placing our robotic devices powered by advanced AI directly in the home for superior clinic-quality telemedicine. The Motus Home Hand Mentor and Foot Mentor are always available on demand, allowing our users to take charge of their own recovery at up to five times faster and a fraction of the cost of conventional stroke therapy.

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