Motus Nova Voted ‘Most Innovative Tech Company Of 2019’ By TAG For Increasing Access To Stroke Rehab With Affordable Robotic Devices For At-Home Use

News Provided By Motus Nova 31 Dec, 19

Stroke affects more than 15 million people worldwide. Direct access to clinically proven therapies and a full recovery is out of reach for most survivors leading to a lifetime of impairment.

“Our mission is to deliver neuro-rehab in every home through robotic exoskeletons guided by AI. Latin for ‘movement anewed,’ Motus Nova envisions a world where survivors of stroke live without impairment. We believe a brain injury or stroke is meant to be overcome and does not define your future,” said Motus Nova CEO David Wu.

Dr. Daniel Schlatterer, M.D., is an orthopedic surgeon and a stroke survivor who has used the Motus Nova® system with good results.

“I’m an orthopedic surgeon in a trauma center in downtown Atlanta, and a little over two years ago at the age of 48 had a stroke. I’ve tried just about everything and I can tell you that this has helped and made a difference. I’ve seen improvements in my wrist motion since I’ve started this. I’m making steady progress in improvement.”

The Technology Association of Georgia, one of the country’s largest technology associations with 30,000+ members, announced Motus Nova as its Most Innovative Tech Company of 2019. The award recognizes a Georgia-based technology company for its innovation and its efforts at spreading awareness of state’s technology initiatives throughout the U.S. and globally. Motus Nova competed against 40 of the best startups and companies in Georgia and was judged by more than 1,300 prominent C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and academic leaders from around the world in discussions and actions centered on the global trends that are sparking and disrupting the tech community.

Motus Nova has revolutionized healthcare rehabilitation for stroke survivors. Developed in conjunction with the top hospitals in the U.S., Motus Nova’s patented FDA Class I rehabilitation robotics are used in over 170 clinics and hospitals. Advanced sensors, predictive analytics, and intensive, task-guided video games, have helped Motus Nova deliver personalized healthcare rehabilitation for thousands of stroke survivors over the past decade.

Building on clinically proven technology, Motus Nova has developed the first and only “active assist” rehabilitation system that is both affordable and portable enough to be used independently for in-home therapy. THe robotics exoskeleton is guided by AI and leverages machine learning to create personalized care and facilitate motor function recovery. Motus Nova seeks to close the gap in treatment access by placing the Hand and Foot mentor devices directly in the home, allowing people to take charge of their recovery from the comfort of their home at up to five times faster and a fraction of the cost of conventional physical therapy.

About Motus Nova® LLC

Motus Nova, which is Latin for “Movement Anew”, was established in 2013 with the aim of making healthcare robotics more accessible for people. Today our devices are used in over 200 clinics and hospitals around the United States. We seek to close the gap in treatment access by placing our robotic devices powered by advanced AI directly in the home for superior clinic-quality telemedicine. The Motus Home Hand Mentor and Foot Mentor are always available on demand, allowing our users to take charge of their own recovery at up to five times faster and a fraction of the cost of conventional stroke therapy.

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