Restoring the ability to perform daily activities like turning on a light or preparing a meal means more independence and greater satisfaction.

Improved Patient Engagement

“…Every day I’d go to rehab, I’d always see some people in the corner having fun with some machine… The immediate benefits were that I could see that there was some progress being made on the first day, which was incredible.”

Increased Sense of Independence

“Now I can dress myself, cut my food, and get in and out of the bed. I can actually just stand and grab this and be on my way instead of waiting for somebody to help me.”

Improved Mood

One caregiver recalled that her husband’s depression had improved through the use of the device. She states, “After he’d been cutoff from his physical therapy last November, he got depressed and he would get angry with me when I would make him do his exercises. Now he’s in a much better mood and his depression has lifted.”

Cognitive Function

“The game got me thinking better…and it did it without me knowing about it.”

Convenience of Home Use

“I can stop it and go back to it. Like if I want to eat, I can stop it and go back to it and be in the same place.”

Easy to Learn

“It’s been so easy…even a dummy like me can understand it. It’s very simplified. Like I said, we don’t even have a computer.”

Improve Mobility and Cognitive Function

Through interactive games, the Mentor Pro system promotes motor learning and neuromuscular re-education to improve mobility in affected hands and feet.

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As patients play the games, the devices gently facilitate movement designed to strengthen weak muscles and reduce tightness in constricted muscles. The types of games can be customized to fit various levels of ability and as mobility improves, the level of difficulty can be increased. As range of motion increases, strength and function improves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Robotic-assisted rehabilitation is an advanced technology that uses equipment to assist stroke survivors in reducing motor impairment and improving function.

Robotic-assisted rehabilitation can deliver high-dosage, high-intensity training in a fun and interactive way. Clinical trials investigating robotic-assisted rehabilitation have demonstrated that this type of post-stroke exercise can improve upper and lower limb function, reduce functional impairments and improve quality of life.

No device is appropriate for all stroke survivors; however, the Mentor Pro system was designed to help the majority of survivors. A medical professional can determine whether our devices can help patients regain motility and improve motor and cognitive function.

Ideally, use begins during inpatient rehabilitation and continues at home.

No. You don’t need any previous experience with computers or technology to use the Mentor Pro devices. Once the customized exercises are determined by a trained therapist, you can move through each interactive game without any help.

The Mentor Pro system is a robotic active-assist device. It uses a pneumatic muscle to help you with range of motion exercises. If you can’t reach the specific goal of the interactive games, it gently and automatically assists you. The difficulty of the games can be adjusted depending on your specific ability.

The Mentor Pro devices are designed to provide benefits long-term by adapting to your needs as you progressively improve and regain function. However, many factors may affect your length of use and may depend on whether the goal is to manage impairment or improve function. Please consult with your healthcare providers for more details about long-term use.

Your therapist will determine what works best for you. The Hand Mentor and Foot Mentor are generally used in addition to traditional therapies for the best results.

Visit our locations map to find out if there is a clinic near you that uses the Mentor Pro devices. If there isn’t one near you, contact us at 1.844.668.8766.

Yes. Some survivors have purchased the devices for home use. For more information on purchasing a device, fill out our contact form or call 1.844.668.8766.

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